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Squid game alarm clock is a Korean drama Squid game inspired to create a new alarm clock. Squid game alarm clock can better help users manage work and rest time, and develop good habits. When you hear the sound of 123 wooden people, they dare not get up. , Hahahaha~

Features of “Squid Game Alarm Clock”:

Squid Game Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that integrates functions such as alarm clock, weather, timer, QR code scanning, QR code generation, and one-key cleaning. It aims to provide you with the most beautiful life services.

Advantages of “Squid Game Alarm Clock

1. Alarm clock function: Supports functions such as adding, editing, 

and deleting alarm clocks, which can be set for life. boundary

The face is beautiful and the alarm clock is punctual.


2. Weather forecast function: support the weather forecast query 

function of all large, medium and small cities across the country,

The accuracy rate is 100%. Provide 7-day weather forecast, graphics 

and text to let you know the day of the week

Breath for a second.

3. Timer function: with fast timing function, including nap, facial mask, 

instant noodles, running, etc.

The life scene automatically sets the timing function, and the ringtone 

can be selected.


4. Scan code production function: It can scan the QR code for you, but 

also produce according to your requirements.

In general, it is very convenient to form a QR code.

5. One-click cleanup: One-click cleanup of your phone rubbish, so that 

the rubbish is not hidden.

comments on the use of “Squid Game Alarm Clock”:

Hahahahaha! With this alarm clock, you can say goodbye to sleeping in forever! This 123 wooden alarm clock is definitely a must-have for many people who have difficulty getting up. Friends who like it, hurry up and buy it together!

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